December 2012

K-12-AIT? by Jake Crisologo

November 2012

For the love of football (and PH tourism) by Alethea Bravo

October 2012

B for Bendetta: A protest on cybercrime and bullying by Jake Crisologo

September 2012

The CLEAR Dream Match: more dream, less match by Jake Crisologo

Birds of Paradise: The “dagat ng basura” as a sanctuary by Mae Valdez, Alethea Bravo and Paolo Abellanosa

August 2012

Why I believe in the RH Bill by Jake Crisologo

July 2012

Aquino and the airline industry by Nadine Gutierrez

Network Night by Jake Crisologo

June 2012

Freshman survival checklist by Lendl Meniado

The emerging AIT by Jake Crisologo

What to answer when people ask you about your course by Mae Valdez

May 2012

Firestarters by Mae Valdez

Face to Face: TV versus Politics by Jake Crisologo

A National Ice Cream by Mae Valdez

April 2012

Baguio’s Next Tourist Attraction: The SM Parking Lot by Jake Crisologo

Graduation Speech by Bencio David

To the Graduate and the Otherwise by Rachel Tabilin

Gerry Rivera and the World by Paolo Abellanosa

Contenders by Mae Valdez

March 2012

Memoirs of a Tourism Student: Who am I? by Jake Crisologo

Post-Election Depression by Patricia Tamayo

February 2012

In for Internship by Lendl Meniado

Unity through Diversity or Inspite of It? by Jake Crisologo

On Accountability and Mutual Responsibility: Shit Just Got Real by Jake Crisologo

Defending the Yellow Brick Road: An Open Letter to the AIT Community by KAISA

An Elephant named Singularity: An Essay on Love by Jake Crisologo

I will not Vote for Shaina by Jake Crisologo

January 2012

AIT on the Yellow Brick Road. Again. by Jake Crisologo

Marching Like a Boss by Lendl Meniado

Broken by Bencio David

‘Apathy’ literally translates to ‘Pathetic’ by Patricia Tamayo

Practicum Chronicles: Germi Estiva in NAIA



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