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AIT SC Announces Election Delay

At 10:10PM, the Asian Institute of Tourism Student Council (AIT SC) announced the postponement of the elections for AIT SC EdRes Councilor and the screening for the Ways and Means Councilor, citing “procedural reasons and validation of candidates’ eligibility.” Sources have notified Salimbay that the “procedural reasons” stem from failure to send a memo to … Continue reading

AIT voter turnout rises; START reigns once again

Three in every four AIT students chose to go to the polls today, surpassing last year’s 70.059% percent turnout as Danj Lopez beats abstain in a landslide victory with 220 votes against 24 abstains. Lopez’s abstain figures, barely 10 percent of this year’s turnout, distanced from last year’s results when CJ Boller, now outgoing AIT-SC … Continue reading

B por Bendetta: A protest on cybercrime and bullying

Jake Crisologo | The Philopino editor’s note: R.A. 10175 or The Cybercrime Prevention act of 2012 was passed by the Senate and House of Representative on June 5,2012 and June 4, 2012 respectively. It was approved on September 12, 2012 and takes effect today, October 3,2012.  We’ve got a kid held at gunpoint in Colegio de … Continue reading

Salimbay News Brief: June 21, 2012

  “Since they are directly challenging us, I will accept the challenge.” President Aquino warned against illegal loggers who continue to operate despite the total logging ban during the 25th anniversary of the DENR.     “Our investments in China right now are actually bigger than their investments in us right now.” Department of Trade … Continue reading

UPM’s Cleve Kevin Arguelles is new SR

A Political Science student of the University of the Philippines Manila (UPM), has recently been declared the new student representative to the powerful Board of Regents after getting 15 out of 16 votes from all the student councils in the UP System.

Memoirs of a Tourism Student: Who am I?

The Philopino | Jake Crisologo From a course that comes across to many as BS Tourism/-slash!-/ BS Chill, the Asian Institute of Tourism as the premier tourism school in the country seems to be less intimidating than it’s supposed to be.

Baguio to host National Tourism Convention

The Travel Club: League of Tourism Students of the Philippines — UB Chapter is inviting AIT to participate in the 4th National Tourism Convention in the Summer Capital on March 2.

Call for Salimbayan Entries

To 2010 and 2011 BS Tourism students, write to get a chance to win P3,000 and a chance to get your essay published at Travel Update Philippines!


Jake Crisologo How do I start this? With a quiver of kisses or the inertia of a love poem. Perhaps.   I wonder of what clarity you have hidden In your cage of grids and deltas. And what graph you have drawn to measure love like a dream.   Let me count the ways, paths … Continue reading