All photographs are taken by AIT students, contributors, and members of the Salimbay staff.

The First Friday Club gathered at Bar One in Crowne Plaza, Manila. Photo c/o Cha Octiva

AIT First Friday Club: November 23, 2012

The AIT First Friday Club

AIT First Friday Club: July 2012  

ACQUAINTANCE PARTY. This year's acquaintance party was entitles "Good Good Vibes"

AIT Acquaintance Party 2012.

Garbed in various costumes, the roasted pigs are paraded around town.

Parada ng Lechon 2012

These small bancas are docked near the coastline. It can carry up to ten tourists per ride.

Ready for the Gentle Giants?

By the Rails


A pure-blooded UP student since kindergarten challenges UP AIT students to strive to create business in tourism.

Finally, Jimenez in AIT

COLOURFUL DRAMA. The four contenders to the USC's highest seat.

The Political Colouring Book.

The underground river is the longest navigable of its kind in the world.

Puerto Princesa


Happy Place

Tourist Attraction

BIGGER THAN BASKETBALL. The 21,000 cheerers inside the Araneta was only a couple of thousands fewer compared with the 2008 record of largest audience in the cheer dance.

Para sa Bayan

RED EVERYWHERE. The government has proposed a P1.1 billion cut from the current P21 billion national budget for state universities and colleges.

Nakabayubay: An Intro to Sympathy

WAITING FOR ITS OWNER. The replica represents one of nipa huts Rizal built within his parcel of land in Dapitan.

Stranded by Choice



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