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AIT SC Announces Election Delay

At 10:10PM, the Asian Institute of Tourism Student Council (AIT SC) announced the postponement of the elections for AIT SC EdRes Councilor and the screening for the Ways and Means Councilor, citing “procedural reasons and validation of candidates’ eligibility.” Sources have notified Salimbay that the “procedural reasons” stem from failure to send a memo to … Continue reading


Jake Crisologo | The Philopino Around five years ago, I passed the UPCAT. It was one of those moments that made me feel a lot of things – joy, dread, narcissism, relief, etc. Relief was what I felt the most ; the waiting for the results, making resolutions to not judge or kill myself if … Continue reading

AIT voter turnout rises; START reigns once again

Three in every four AIT students chose to go to the polls today, surpassing last year’s 70.059% percent turnout as Danj Lopez beats abstain in a landslide victory with 220 votes against 24 abstains. Lopez’s abstain figures, barely 10 percent of this year’s turnout, distanced from last year’s results when CJ Boller, now outgoing AIT-SC … Continue reading

United Nations – Millenium Development Goals: Where are we now?

MANILA, Philippines – January 23, 2013 With two years left to go before the deadline of the United Nations – Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), prospects of achieving the country’s commitments are far from reassuring.  However, considering the lag time involved, government targeted action – policies, programs, activities – may yet produce a brighter picture come … Continue reading

Palawan Revisited: Puerto Princesa’s Vietnamese Delicacy

When I first visited Palawan in 2008, I spoke with a travel agent for a hassle-free arranged tour. It was a three-day trip which included a tour of Honda Bay, the Underground River, and the city. We explored a number of well-promoted sites particularly the Islands, Mitra Ranch, Crocodile Farm, Baker Hill and the Underground … Continue reading

Lantern Parade 2012: A freshman’s POV

I just knew that by the coming of dusk, I’d be wishing for the day to never end. December 14 was a momentous day; floats and lanterns of different forms and colors traversed the academic oval in celebration of the UP Diliman Lantern Parade. Colleges and different organizations came up with their interpretations of the … Continue reading

All I Want for Christmas is Who?

Christmas is a time to open our hearts to God and his gifts. Just like the rest of the year. ~Author Unknown With whom do you want to celebrate Christmas? Whenever the climate gives us the chills, people tend to look for someone whom they could cuddle with. The first person that comes into our … Continue reading

Christmas 101: Philippine symbols and traditions

The Filipinos are known to have the longest Christmas season. The moment the –Ber months come, families start to decorate their homes, and radio stations start to play Christmas songs.  But the Christmas season does not end there. Filipinos celebrate up until the Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Kings. Aside from that, Filipinos … Continue reading

AITSC releases statement on curriculum revision

After the Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT) administration revealed its plans to revise the current undergraduate curriculum to the students, the AIT Student Council (AITSC) conducted a survey to ask current AIT students about their opinion on the revisions. The result of the survey was presented and discussed during the 2nd AIT General Assembly. The AITSC … Continue reading

Letter to a Distant Dream

Dear Haraya, It’s been months since I broke your heart.  I don’t know what degree of pain you had to endure. I may never know the extent of damage it caused. I heard you went to see a doctor for an ECG. In the past seven years that we were together, I knew there was … Continue reading