December 2012

Lantern Parade 2012: A freshman’s POV by Anne Rochelle Ella

2nd AIT general assembly by Mae Valdez and Nadine Gutierrez

AIT preps for Lantern Parade 2012 by Nadine Gutierrez

AITSC releases statement on curriculum revision

November 2012

Serious Talks Series 1, reveals AIT’s future plans to students by Cha Octiva and Nadine Gutierrez

Enrollment experiences at the University of Pila by Nadine Gutierrez

July 2012

Government 2013 budget for SUCs at P37.1 billion by Nadine Gutierrez

June 2012

Jon kráng dtòr bpai, Thailand by Rachelle Belaro

AIT’s new food service by Nadine Gutierrez

April 2012

AIT Visionaries by Paolo Abellanosa

5 magna, 22 cum laudes top 2012 AIT graduates by Paolo Abellanosa

March 2012

Birthday girl wins AIT Idol by Nadine Gutierrez

START slays abstain; Boller wins by 14 votes by Thea Bravo

February 2012

Boodle fight unites AIT by Paolo Abellanosa

4th year stud featured in int’l blog 

Background Check: The START-AIT Slate

Orgs, admin finalizing relocation details

Admin hopes improved efficiency in staff reassignment



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