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AIT SC Announces Election Delay

At 10:10PM, the Asian Institute of Tourism Student Council (AIT SC) announced the postponement of the elections for AIT SC EdRes Councilor and the screening for the Ways and Means Councilor, citing “procedural reasons and validation of candidates’ eligibility.”

Sources have notified Salimbay that the “procedural reasons” stem from failure to send a memo to the Chairman of the College Electoral Board, Dr. Edieser Dela Santa, regarding the resignation of Cristina Sanchez and the absence of Laviet Joaquin.

Salimbay clarified the situation with AIT SC Vice-Chairperson Karla Reyes who replied that “The council has decided to put the elections on hold until further notice to follow proper protocol. It was agreed upon that only the Electoral Board is authorized to allow the resignation, temporary absence, elections and appointment of OIC, during a discussion with Sir Dela Santa, Electoral Board Chairperson. The final list of candidates is also on hold, until the OIS approves the candidacy based on grades, required units and recent elections.”

The AIT SC released a memorandum dated August 22, 2013 with a call for candidates after announcing  that both positions were left vacant after the elected EdRes Councilor, Cristina Sanchez, submitted a letter of resignation, and the elected Ways and Means Councilor, Laviet Joaquin, submitted a letter of temporary absence citing health reasons.

The same memorandum called for a vote on the fulfilment of Ms. Joaquin’s duties by an Officer-In-Charge (OIC) for the 1st semester of the academic year, stating that if Ms. Joaquin failed to return for the 2nd semester her position and responsibilities would be transferred to the OIC.

Read the memorandum here

The results of the ballot regarding the position of Ways and Means Councilor were released by the AIT SC, with 59 voting in favour of appointing an OIC for the 1st semester of the academic year, and 56 in favour of re-election for the position – a slim margin of 3 votes separates the decision. The screening for the Ways and Means Councilor was originally scheduled for September 4.

Before the announced delay and procedural drawback, the council had already released a list of names of those who had filed for candidacy. The list revealed that only one person had filed for candidacy for the OIC position of the Ways and Means Councilor, while five had filed for the position of EdRes Councilor.  The list now remains unofficial and may change in the coming days. -Nadine Gutierrez


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