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AIT voter turnout rises; START reigns once again

Three in every four AIT students chose to go to the polls today, surpassing last year’s 70.059% percent turnout as Danj Lopez beats abstain in a landslide victory with 220 votes against 24 abstains.

Lopez’s abstain figures, barely 10 percent of this year’s turnout, distanced from last year’s results when CJ Boller, now outgoing AIT-SC chairperson, saw 100 voters (44 percent of turnout) preferring to abstain.

Karla Reyes nearly reached Boller’s case after getting 77 abstains or 32 percent of total votes.

Meanwhile, Myca Bonoan defeated Kyel Munoz after garnering 164 votes. Munoz got 60 votes while 20 abstained.

Candidates needed to get 123 votes to win (50%+1). START candidate Laviet Joaquin, barely made quota to win the councilor seat with exactly 123 votes.

This year’s figures continue the upward trend in voter turnout. In 2011, turnout was 65 percent. This increased to at least six percent last year.

Here are the full results:

Chairperson – Danj Lopez 220, Abstain 24

Vice-chairperson – Karla Reyes 167, Abstain 77

AIT representative to the USC – Myca Bonoan 164, Kyel Munoz 60, Abstain 20

Councilors – Lady Singson 176, Ghie Calderon 174, Rouanna Opong 173, Tina Sanchez 159, Laviet Joaquin 123, Abstain 35

4th year representative – Jamiebel Pojas 47, Abstain 15

3rd year representative – Jeffrey Foronda 31, Abstain 11

2nd year representative – Rowena Tanafranca 34, Abstain 1

2013 infographics


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3 thoughts on “AIT voter turnout rises; START reigns once again

  1. Great job Thea. Correction lang, last year was 70.059% voter turnout. I will post the official counts later (kahit pareho, naunahan mo lang ako hihi) in the AIT website. Thanks. – Sir F

    Posted by AIT Web Administrator | March 1, 2013, 10:11


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