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2nd AIT general assembly

Last November 4, 2012, Tuesday, the Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT) had its second college general assembly at the AIT student lounge.

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During the general assembly, the Lantern Parade Committee announced that it was still looking for volunteers to help prepare the AIT lantern, and for dancers to accompany the float on the day of the University of the Philippine Lantern Parade scheduled on December 14. Dance practices are to be held on Saturday, and will be lead by Haziel Jamison.

The AIT Student Council (AIT SC) invited everyone to attend the AIT Christmas Party on December 7, Friday, with the theme “Happy Hippie AIT.” Those attending are encouraged to wear hippie outfits to comply with the theme of the Christmas Party. There will be games, raffles, and an award for ‘Best Costume’.

Finally, the AIT SC announced the results of the curriculum survey conducted in relation to the planned change in curriculum of AIT, and its planned offering of post-graduate courses.

The results of the survey revealed that AIT students view subjects in the fields of social science, communication and practical skills as helpful. Thirty percent of the respondents agreed to additional “skills-based” courses in the AIT curriculum, while seventy percent of respondents disagreed. Recommendations from the respondents to improve the AIT curriculum included standardizing the course outlines of professors, making other tourism electives available (ex. Tour 145), and opening up the possibility of offering a minor in other fields such as EL in CAL, arguing that tourism is highly interdisciplinary and broad in terms of scope, specializations was also suggested, as well as providing certification for practical courses such as culinary arts.

AIT representative to the University Student Council, Erika Erro, related the curriculum change to the recently implemented K+12 educational policy in the Philippines and its implications for AIT. She expressed that “K+12 is not bad. Pangit lang ang pag-adapt nito sa Pilipinas.”  Mae Valdez and Nadine Gutierrez


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