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AIT’s new food service

With the start of classes for academic year 2012-2013, there is a noticeable absence of Tita Long’s in the Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT) cafeteria. With the closest source of food a distance away from the college, the loss has been felt by both the faculty and the students.

The college has been abuzz with news of Reyes Barbecue occupying the now vacant area. It is expected that by Monday, Tita Long’s will pull out their last remaining items in the AIT cafeteria to make room for the new occupants.

According to University policy, the food establishment that obtains rights to the National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG) cafeteria is automatically given the rights to the AIT cafeteria as well, where rent is calculated as ten percent of the cafeteria’s total sales. However, because the food establishment that obtained the rights to the NCPAG cafeteria showed no interest in operating at AIT, the operating rights were once again offered to Tita Long’s who had obtained rights to the College of Music with an extension at the institute of Mathematics.

Tita Long’s declined the offer. “Mas malakas yuon, kaya binitawan nila. Mahina dito e.” said Cito Ochoa, the AIT building administrator, of Tita Long’s decision.

Reyes Barbecue showed interest at the vacancy and was eventually given the rights to operate at AIT.  They currently have a cart operating at the National Institute of Physics.

Although it is indefinite when Reyes Barbecue will fully operate, the college has requested that a kiosk be set up by the food establishment on Tuesday in order to cater to the needs of the AIT community. – Nadine Gutierrez

Now Salimbay asks: How do you feel about Reyes Barbecue operating at the AIT cafeteria?


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