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Natanya Sison on her vision for UP Ecotour

We would make a promising AIT that would cater quality and excellence by opting for fine projects and members. Just you wait, Ecotour would definitely be at its best. That is our ultimate aspiration.

Basically, for the next academic year, our organization would BELIEVE:

Bewitch Scholars To Take Part. If there’s one weighty thing that a leader must know and learn by heart, it is to listen. By paying attention, unheard ideas and dreams from the scholars would be laid out and unquestionably be heard by us. (This wouldn’t just come from the members of the organization but from the whole student body as well.) By these dreams, we would come up with activities, programs, events and projects that would indubitably exemplify the significance of every AIT student. These activities, programs, events and projects would be of assistance not only to the students but to the Institute as well.

Enhance Ecotour’s Tambayan. An AIT student doesn’t settle for anything less. Tambayan may already be scenic as it is but that doesn’t mean that there’s no more room for improvement. Tambayan would show promise! Rules in making Tambayan a tidier and prettier spot for learning and socializing would be imposed. Tambayan would be a great avenue for students to inspire and be inspired in return.

Lift Spirits Up. A leader isn’t a leader without being a friend that anyone could always count on. Ecotour wouldn’t undermine people’s abilities. We would encourage! We would bring out the best in everyone. We would let them shine as they have always deserved to.

Inculcate Courses of Actions Through Social Networking. We just don’t plan to socialize via internet; we intend to break the status quo. Everyone’s voices would be heard!

Evaluate The Work. All committees must show progress. They would always be checked on. If the organization shows no improvement, the people behind it don’t deserve to be in their positions. Meaning, if members try to slack off, they would undoubtedly be sacked.

Value Student’s Efforts. Anyone could be what they want to be as long as they put their hearts in it. Just the same with this: Anyone could sign up on becoming a member of the team as long as you show that you deserve it. There will be no austere requirements. There will be no preferential treatment or string-pulling at all. May you be young or old, it wouldn’t matter. All that there is going to be is giving a shot to those who desire.

Exemplify Unity.

 Steel yourself for more GREENius things!

[MORE: See Flow Abuan’s vision for START-AIT]

UP Ecotour during its banner project, Domestikwhiz. Photo courtesy of Natanya Sison.


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One thought on “Natanya Sison on her vision for UP Ecotour

  1. Go ate Tan!!! >:D<

    Posted by ANON | April 27, 2012, 00:39

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