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Maxeene Remulla on her vision for UP TMS

UP Tourism Management Society’s new top gun Max Remulla. Photo courtesy of Shift Photography.

Point No. 1: During my term, I would like the organization to broaden its horizons. I want us to be open to new ideas, while at the same time not compromising the organization’s vision: UP TMS as the prime venue for the development of future leaders in the tourism industry. This year, we plan to strengthen our relationships with organizations inside and outside the campus, and to create twice as many tourism-related seminars, activities and events than we did last academic year. Of course, none of our plans can come to fruition without the necessary funds to support them, so revenue generating activities would also be one our main foci.

Point No. 2: Being more visible in the institute is also one our objectives for this year. The organization looks at the tambayan transfer as an opportunity to market and promote our organization, since we are moving to a more visible spot in the college. We are planning to increase our membership by at least 50% while also maintaining strong relations with our alumni.

And this is what I envision UP TMS would be like next year: not just a venue for growth and development but also a place you could call your second home. Because here in UP TMS, we’re not just an org, we’re also a family.

[MORE: See Matt Alcanzaren’s vision for UP TS]

Members of UP TMS. Photo courtesy of Parck Human.


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