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Flow Abuan on her vision for START-AIT

Flow Abuan, President of Student Action for Responsive Leadership in Tourism. Photo courtesy of Flow

It’s going to be a “fresh” start for START-AIT this school year! As the word defines itself, we aim to do new things, be exciting and aggressive, and do more than what has been done.

We in START-AIT challenge ourselves to be more proactive in what we stand for as an organization. We embody the principles of service, transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, thorough consultation, and we wish to bring these further to the Institute and to the University. A new set of young leaders hope to inspire fellow students to be co-leaders and be one with us in service to the school, as we want to strengthen what being an “Iskolar ng Bayan” means.

Fresh is positive. No matter how everything sounds too overwhelming, we in START strongly believe that we can be heard, we can act and move, we can serve and lead, and that we can do better. And with the grace of such positivism, the fresh START shall begin today.

[MORE: See Max Remulla’s vision for UP TMS]

AY 2011-2012 members of START-AIT led by then president Ceejay Boller. Photo courtesy of Boller.


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