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Penitensya: The PALEA Special

The Holy Week clamor is hitting the headlines these days. The tradition dictates that Filipinos observe forms of sacrifices ranging from an actual crucifixion to the cross in San Fernando, Pampanga to the smallest resistance from meat consumption. We know that it’s only during the Holy Week, or Lenten Season if you must, that these sacrifices go viral in usage. What most of us forget is that there are people who do this beyond the popular length. Longer, perhaps, and it’s surprising to note that despite the endurance, they still remain in camp waiting for redemption.

Two Salimbay writers offer two perspectives on the Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA); both differ in a way, an optimist versus a doubter.

Contenders by Mae Valdez. If the country achieves economic growth because of contractualization and similar “trends” with the cost of laborers losing their health benefits and security of tenure, can we say that there is really development? I believe in capitalism if and only if it becomes a means to improve the people’s quality of life. Screw that so-called economic growth.

Gerry Rivera and the World by Paolo Abellanosa. Four months have passed and still no significant events unfolded. This crusade, contained in a pattern of legal fights and the picket, would continue to draw out greater sacrifices from the PALEA crusaders while the uncertainty of an end increasingly puts pressure on Gerry Rivera’s struggle in keeping the fire burning, and keeping their stomachs full.

(Photo courtesy of GR Business Online in an article by Ben Kritz)


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