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START slays abstain; Boller wins by 14 votes

With 70.59% turnout of votes, Asian Institute of Tourism students favored the 11 running candidates under START-AIT against abstain during the 2012 Election with candidates CJ Boller barely missing the position by 14 votes (128-100) and Paulo Sotto by two votes (116).

According to the election code, a candidate must at least secure 50% plus one of the total voters’ turnout, or surpass 114 to be declared winner.

The results of the elections are as follow:

College Representative

Erika Mary Erro




AIT Chairperson

Christine-Joy Boller




AIT Vice-Chairperson

Danielle Grace Lopez




AIT Councilors

Joyce Marian Magsino


Quennie Mynette Lao


Anna Grace Tayag


Arthur Jarold Rañola


Paulo Riel Sotto




2nd Year Batch Representative

Po Teresa Santiago




3rd Year Batch Representative

Maria Ysabelle Clarisse Ann Bonoan




4th Year Batch Representative

Darline Salazar




Out of the 323 registered voters, 228 students were able to vote, making it 70.59% or more than five-percent higher from last year’s 65%.

The elections were extended until 6pm, instead of 5pm, due to unanticipated power failure and internet connection problem.

AIT Commission of Election officers were composed of Prof. Eli Paolo Fresnoza, Prof. Richard Phillip Gonzalo and Ms. Nina Domingo, together with student-volunteers Ayra Abo-Abo, Jan Angela Maravilla and Michael Madriaga. –Alethea Bravo


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14 thoughts on “START slays abstain; Boller wins by 14 votes

  1. Wow. Abstain votes for Chair and Councilor Paulo Sotto says a lot.. But still, congratulations to START-AIT for winning all positions. 🙂

    Posted by ANON | March 1, 2012, 21:45
  2. REELECTION! 128 versus 100 is a very critical situation, especially for the position of Chairperson. It shows that even though she secured 50% + 1 of votes, how can she even serve and make the student body satisfied? You have a lot of work to do, Miss Boller. Prove yourself to the students of AIT.

    Posted by Anonymous | March 1, 2012, 23:40
    • “It shows that even though she secured 50% + 1 of votes, how can she even serve and make the student body satisfied?” This statement is irrelevant and ,at the same time, foredeeming. Are you concluding that even if she does her work as Chairperson the student body wont be satisfied? It’s called majority vote. And luckily the “MAJORITY” knows that she can perform her duties that’s why they voted her. Also, if anyone from the college thinks that they are better than Ms. Boller in holding the position of chairperson, “BAKIT DI KAYO TUMAKBO NUNG ELECTION”? Either thru another party or be an independent candidate? Some people in AIT talk to much and don’ have the balls to back it up. I commend your professor in posting that video. At least she had it in her to speak and give her opinion without hiding in anonimity. Unlike this person right here.

      Posted by ken | March 3, 2012, 07:01
  3. Congrats, START. Though, there’s something wrong with the numbers. why?

    Posted by Michelle Claudine OJmindanao Mañalac | March 2, 2012, 10:01
  4. Congratulations AIT for hitting our goal to have a higher voter’s turnout this year. We as AIT students proved that we should be branded as apathetic. And yes, we acknowledge the 100 votes for abstain – we in START-AIT will work harder dedicated to the 128 and more students who gave their trust to me as their Chairperson! Thank you, Salimbay!

    Posted by Christine-Joy A. Boller | March 2, 2012, 20:07
  5. Due to the events that transpired in Cebu during this summers OJT which involved our current chairperson, there has been rumors going on around among the AIT students in our college to petition her removal as Council Chair. The students are dismayed over her actions which are not the qualities of what should be deemed as an example to our fellow AIT students. With this, let me inform all my fellow council members to speak up on this matter. What happened in Cebu is a disgrace to our college and as a representative, our chairperson should have done measures to resolve the matters peacefully. Even if she claims that it was not her fault, it is her ability to handle the situation the issue here. We want our incoming student council to be untainted with malice and disrespect.

    Posted by Concerned member | May 21, 2012, 07:18
    • You talk about malice and disrespect yet you post damaging comments about a person whom you have’nt given the opportunity to let her speak and tell her side of the story. Were you there when the incident happened? I was there. I was the one who was at the firing end of all the lies and controversy. I admit that I was angry at her and told my side of the story to the people who were at the dorm that day to prove my point. But those things said were facts. Not some rumors created to destroy a persons reputation especially if the subject at hand is personal and not about her qualities as a leader or in this case as a chairperson. You are blowing up the issue for your own gain. I dont know who you are but let me tell you this. If there is anyone who should be making comments about her, it should be me. It is just a shame that UP students now keep posting stupid comments like this on open newsletters. You say her actions were a disgrace to the college? Then your comment here proves otherwise.

      Posted by KEN | May 24, 2012, 12:58
      • And by the way, Im not protecting her. And we already broke up. Its just sad that people like the one who made that comment is using other peoples issues for there own gain. Again. Pathetic.

        Posted by KEN | May 24, 2012, 13:10
    • I totally agree.

      Posted by BOLLER HATER | June 5, 2012, 12:58
      • will definitely support the petition for her removal as Council Chairperson

        Posted by ANTI-BOLLER | July 3, 2012, 22:57
  6. To Salimbay, please filter the comments here better. You should protect your students. UP is an institution and should be treated as such. “Kasiraan lng to sa AIT kaya sana pagbutihin nyo ang pag monitor sa newsletter na to.” Ty.

    Posted by KEN | May 24, 2012, 13:03


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