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In for Internship

By Lendl Meniado

Your summer internship could  shape you up or ship you out. It all depends on how you handle it. Would you rather spend nine weeks doing things for the sake of finishing your internship course or bag as many vital learning weapons to survive in a cut-throat real-life war?

Summer internship serves as your window to the world you’ll be at after you march out from the school grounds. A test if you could work for someone or a diagnose of yourself in suffering from the I’m-smarter-than-my-bosses attitude to help make yourself your own boss after graduation.

But before all that, here are ways to make your internship fun and fulfilling!



For sure you wouldn’t want to yawn your summer away by applying to a company that will not interest you. Give it some thought. Where would you really like to go? Success is attained by continuously pursuing what you want. So the first step to success is to ask yourself; What do I like (or want) to do? Is this the place where I envision myself to be in the future?


It is always an advantage to be loaded with information  that are relevant. Identify companies that provide a good training to practice your degree and not just choosing on the basis of the name. Choose a company that would give impact to your resume to back up your 1s in your transcript. Make sure you don’t end up in a company that would only make you staple and photocopy documents for the whole course of your internship. If that’s the case, your neurons are in serious threat of atrophy from disuse. For sure, you’d rather take a grand summer vacation than dull yourself in a monotonous job, right?


Now that you know which company would contribute to your edification, it is time to attack! Remember, there are maybe a hundred of you aiming for the same slot and each of you would kill for it. The best you can do is to absorb all photons and let your light shine.


As you are about to swim in unfamiliar ocean, you might as ask those who were able to find Atlantica.


Your Miranda Priestly version doesn’t have to wear Prada to be ruthless and demanding. There are just bosses who love to be intimidating. That person might not demand you to get an original copy of a Harry Potter manuscript but would not think twice to require you to pick up his or her dirty laundry. Sometimes, you really have to be a runner. Just take it. This helps you gain perspective. But in case it takes the majority of your work load, it is time to talk to you adviser about your goals and expectations of your internship.


Learning doesn’t end in school. Making your internship fulfilling and worthwhile requires a lot of efforts and willingness. For as long as you are open-minded, you’re sure to learn loads of new things. Make most out of your internship and certainly, pay and perks will come later.



Ask your supervisor for things to do. If you’re done with your work, ask for new projects. In this way, you’ll show your enthusiasm and interest towards your work.

Ask Questions

Don’t pretend you know everything. Asking questions is better than doing something wrong. As an intern, your employers will understand if there are things you don’t know yet about the industry. Besides, asking questions would prove that you really want to learn.


Practice answering basic questions for your interview. You don’t want to just stare blankly at your interviewer as if she or he asked you to solve for X.

Keep your resume short

Your resume shouldn’t look like your autobiography unless you’re really that of a hyper-achiever. Make every word count and be sure to highlight and prioritize in the list your best achievements.

Take Chances

Every one waits for the green light, so when it lights up for you, go for it. Don’t wait for later, sometimes later can mean never. If you’re offered an internship abroad, grab the chance. You don’t learn things when you stick to your comfort zone.


Be Late

Respect other people’s time. Tardiness destroys your professional image. Make sure you arrive on time, if not way before it.

Wear anything revealing

It is not school anymore. If your school wardrobe consist of miniskirts, tank tops, low-cuts, and plunging neck lines; it’s time you consider a wardrobe change and suit up accordingly.


Always opt for the best.


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