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4th year stud featured in int’l fashion blog

Mark Yumang. Photo courtesy of Erik Aguilar

He may be walking along the AIT hallways unnoticed, and perhaps less attention-grabbing than AITSC candidates in their daily yellow or creative wears, but outside of our realm he may as well be the next Kenneth Cole or Tim Gunn, or so one international fashion blog hints.

Mark Yumang was enjoying a fieldtrip when a writer spotted him in his denim shirt, grey vest, distressed jeans, and lace-up boots. He is currently featured in the February 22 post of the website.

“This week’s Fashionisto shows us how to change up a casual combination of denim on denim to a fabulous night-out ensemble with a tailored vest and funky accessories. It’s perfect for Friday night out right after school!” wrote Anna Santos.

Speaking to Salimbay, Yumang said his interest in fashion came in his first year in college after realizing opportunities from the lack of uniform of the university. He said he wants to become a stylist and a fashion journalist someday.

Yumang is one of the fifteen UP students so far featured in the website. He maintains a personal fashion blog, see here. –Paolo Abellanosa


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