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Orgs, admin finalizing relocation details

ALL IN ONE. The dimensions of future tambayans will be smaller than those of the current Ecotour’s. Photo by Cha Octiva

To address specific details regarding the relocation of all tambayans in the Student Lounge, Dean Miguela Mena and Building Administrator Zito Ochoa held another meeting on Tuesday with student organization heads.

Mena and Ochoa identified the dimensions of a tambayan as within the confines of the golden square floor outline located in the Student Lounge. Three tambayans will be standing next to each other, while the other will occupy the space near the AITSC room.

Mena is waiting for a formal letter from all organizations stating their agreement to relocate and specified date of relocation, before permitting actual transfers, which is expected to be as soon as March.

After the meeting, the heads met to decide on the positional assignments of organizations through a draw lot. Ecotour will retain its current position, Start-AIT to occupy the space near the door of the current TS tambayan, and TMS near the restroom. TS will be isolated, filling in the space near the AITSC room. – Alethea Bravo


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