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Admin hopes improved efficiency in staff reassignment

BETWEEN ATTACHMENTS AND EFFICIENCY. Ms Phing, former library aide, has replaced Ms Vicky Mallari in the academic affairs office. Photo courtesy of Cha Octiva

In an attempt to improve work place efficiency, the institute’s administration reassigned its staff to different posts effective February 1.

“We assessed the pros and cons of this action,” Mena said. “This is a part of improving the service – there should be no instance where service is stopped when a staff is absent.”

The rotation of the staff is a strategy to combat the complaints of some students on the services rendered according to Institute Dean Miguela Mena in a Salimbay interview.

Affected departments were the AIT Library, Engineering Department, and Department of Academic Affairs (DAA). The heads of these departments – the student records examiner, college librarian and administrative officer were not reassigned as they are permanent in their posts, said Mena.

Although students were surprised by its implementation this week, Mena told that the reshuffling was under consultations and discussions with the AIT Executive Committee for over a year now, even before she was dean.

The staff knew since January that there would be a rotation of positions, although some of them voiced disproval. “It is because they are attached to their positions,” Mena explained.

The administration will evaluate the results of the reshuffling and it is willing to reassess the program if complications arise. Mena is positive that the benefits of this reshuffling will be seen by an increase in students’ satisfaction in the forthcoming months. –Anna Tayag


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One thought on “Admin hopes improved efficiency in staff reassignment

  1. This is good. I so love this people, sina Ma’am Phing, Ma’am Vicky, Ma’am Ani, Ma’am Nina. Though alam kong maraming reklamo coming from the students, i believe they know and love AIT as well. So, this is a good move, kasi you don’t have to remove them, they just have to be refreshed. They must try new things para hindi na sila magsawa at eventually mapagod at magtaray.

    Kudos, Madam Mena! this is a good action point. I admire you for trusting your people 🙂

    Posted by Michelle | February 7, 2012, 18:39

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