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Tambayan relocation plan is not yet final, says Mena

As the rumor on the movement of all tambayans to the AIT Student Lounge shocked student organizations this week, Dean Miguela Mena clarified that the plan is still under negotiation. She also made it clear that the decision should be under agreement with the four organization heads and the AITSC, not hers alone.

Talking to Salimbay on Thursday, she enumerated several reasons as to why all the organizations should stay in one place. Due to the budget constraint, AIT is only provided with two security guards instead of three, one during the day and two at night. With limited capacity, the guards would be roaming a smaller area in AIT.

She also mentioned that the transfer would develop a harmonious and healthy relationship among organizations. Information dissemination is easier since the tambayans are in one area. Cleanliness and orderliness can easily be maintained as well, she said.

Specific details are left out for the organizations to talk about, including the dimension and the location in the Student Lounge. The movement is expected to happen as soon as there is an agreement with all the organizations, but whether or not this is delayed in June or applied this school year, Mena expects them to start the clean-up as early as February.

The relocation of the tambayans is just one of the changes happening in AIT. House rules are also in process which includes specific opening hours, accepting deliveries, and coming of visitors or students without IDs. – Alethea Bravo


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