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Poem # 1


Have you ever bothered to look at the sky?

Watching the clouds form and the birds as they fly

Cumulus, Stratus, Nimbus and Cirrus, all sorts of clouds

You’ll also hear the birds singing out loud


Birds and clouds are not the only thing you’ll see

Go outside and see for yourself, I know you will agree

Kites, balloons and airplanes are just some of the things

I wish, I wish, oh how I wish I have wings!


These are the things you’ll see during the day

But do not worry and do not be dismayed

Because you’ll see a lot more during the night

The stars and the moon shining so bright


Sky lanterns are one of my favorites

Those adorable things in the sky are just very exquisite

It gives you a very serene feeling in your heart

Even though I just watched it in a movie, the next time I will take part


But this is not permanent, all the things you see in the sky

There will come a point that they will have to say goodbye

Like a shooting star falling from above

Like a prince who lost his one true love


Everything happens for a reason, we just have to accept it

So capture the moment and do something about it

God gave us our senses to appreciate his creations

It is just up to you, what is your decision?


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