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KAISA bets on Shaina Santiago as next USC chair

Chorva David (left) and Shaina Santiago (right).

Incumbent AIT representative-to-the-USC Shaina Santiago will be leading KAISA’s election campaign this year as she becomes the party’s bet for the USC chairperson post.

She succeeds Mark Bryan “Chorva” David, also from the tourism college, as yellow standard bearer after losing to STAND-UP candidate Gem Garcia by about 1,500 votes last year.

She is preparing to face the red and blue bets Amancio Melad III and Heart Diño, respectively. Like David, Diño was USC’s number one councilor, garnering around 4,800 votes.

Meanwhile, Martin Loon will run as an independent candidate. Unlike Santiago, the three candidates are university-elected councilors.

In her statement to Salimbay, she promised to continue what other AIT representatives such as David had started.

“Patuloy nating dadalhin at ipakikilala ang AIT sa ating unibersidad,” she said.

Santiago’s political career started in 2010 when she became third year representative in the AIT Student Council. Aside from involvement in the student government, she is also an active member of the UP Red Cross.


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2 thoughts on “KAISA bets on Shaina Santiago as next USC chair

  1. I think this should be truly exciting for AIT. Practically everybody knows Shaina in the institute. However, I think she’s gonna need a lot of campaigning done for her simply because she hasn’t campaigned on a university scale yet. All the votes she needed to get into her past and present offices only required AIT votes, which we all know is a minority in the student population. Good luck to all the candidates! 🙂

    Posted by constantino | February 1, 2012, 20:47
  2. I’d vote for her if only for her good looks.

    Posted by Danny | February 12, 2012, 20:40

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