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START versus Abstain again

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The Office of the Institute Secretary confirmed Monday that START-AIT, for the second consecutive election, would campaign this February uncontended amid rumors last week of another candidate for the AIT representative-to-the-USC seat.

Talking to Salimbay, the alleged contender, who wished not to be identified, disproved of the rumors. He said he was to run for the councillorship and not against incumbent AITSC Councilor Erika Erro but backed out.

The KAISA affiliate filed candidacy applications on all posts last Wednesday. Christine Joy Boller, incumbent START president, and Danielle Grace Lopez, current second year representative, shall run as chairperson and vice-chairperson, respectively.

New faces compose majority of the slate. These include Marian Joyce Magsino (Secretariat Councilor), Quennie Mynette Lao (Ways and Means Councilor), Anna Grace Tayag (Education and Research Councilor), Darlene Ann Salazar (4th year representative), Myca Bonoan (3rd year presentative), and Po Santiago (2nd year representative).

Among those running, only two members are incumbent AITSC members. The other being Paolo Sotto, currently 1st year representative who chose to campaign for the finance councilor seat.

Meanwhile, TMS Chief Executive Jarold Arthur Rañola has chosen a more public life as possibly the next mass media councilor.

A candidate is required to get the support of at least 50 percent plus one of total voter’s turn out to be declared elected.


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One thought on “START versus Abstain again

  1. I’d like to clarify some information. It will now be the third consecutive election that START will be running and campaigning unopposed. First was last 2010 with Chair KC Chan followed by 2011 (incumbent term). During 2010 running technically under the KAISA slate,it was only me who had a rival for the post – local council posts have none. The AIT Representative position is not technically a component of the START slate for the local council.

    Posted by JC Danganan | February 1, 2012, 16:22

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