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Call for Salimbayan Entries

To 2010 and 2011 BS Tourism students, write to get a chance to win P3,000 and a chance to get your essay published at Travel Update Philippines!

Poster courtesy of Cha Octiva

The project shall be an essay-writing competition that shall be open to enrollees of BS Tourism of 2010 and 2011 student numbers. The competition shall have a writing span of at least two weeks. The theme shall cover any topic that is tourism-related, preferably an up-to-date issue in the industry that is affecting the students. Outputs shall be submitted through email and winners shall be announced one week after, judged by two AIT professors and a representative from the sponsor. The winning work will be judged based on content and relevance, style, organization, and syntax.


  1. The competition shall be open to all BS Tourism enrollees with the first four student number at 2010 and 2011. The Web Editor, Bulletin Editor, and writers of Salimbay are not allowed to participate.
  2. The competition will run from January 31 until 11:59 pm of February 11.
  3. The essay must revolve around the theme: “What should DoT prioritize—Domestic or Inbound Tourism?” The contestant is free to choose on the kind of essay that shall be utilized to effectively and creatively discuss the topic. Words should number no less than 500 and not exceed beyond 1,500.
  4. The contestant must submit (A) a soft copy of the essay in a Word 97-2003 Document format that contains only the title and the body of the essay and follows the formatting of Double-spaced 12 Times New Roman or Arial and (B) a scanned copy or clear photograph of the current ID with the participant’s contact number. These requirements should be sent to cc: on or before 11:59 pm February 11. An SMS from Salimbay will be sent as confirmation of our receipt.
  5. Entries will be judged on their content and relevance, style, organization, and syntax. Winning works will be announced on February 15 online.
  6. The winner of the contest will receive P3,000 and a chance to be published in the Student and Trade Editions and the website of Travel Update Philippines and Salimbay. Consolation prizes for the second and third are P1,000 and P500, respectively.
  7. Salimbay and Travel Update Philippines will have the individual right to publish non-winning essays.
  8. Failure to comply with any of the requirements will disqualify the contestant from the contest.

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