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Photocopy stall counts last months in AIT

Paolo Abellanosa | Inside AIT

More than a month after the news broke on Tita Longs’ departure, the operator of AIT’s only photocopy stall has expressed Tuesday its unofficial intent to follow the same route.

While Tita Longs lost the concessionaire bid to another service provider, the photocopy machine operator, who most of us knew in her first name Ate Rose, would voluntarily vacate the space due to last year’s losses.

“Swerte ka kung maka-limandaan ka [You’re lucky if you earn Php 500 in a day],” she said.

She pays the fixed rate of about Php 2,500 in the Business Concessions Office (BCO) for a 10-month operating contract. Because students only come in four days a week, this fixed cost becomes difficult to overcome during the slow months of June, October, and December.

An owner of other machines in other schools, she personally manages the business’ stand in AIT because of the high cost of labor compared with the stand’s average daily income.

She had been operating in AIT at least in the past four years. She said other reproduction means such as computer printing and even online communication become substitutes for photocopying.

Talking to Salimbay, she raised the possibility that AIT’s administration may provide the photocopying services when she is gone, but she also speculated that most likely, another provider would take her place once her contract ceases after March this year.

Ate Rose’s stand was formerly stationed in the College of Law until she lost the bid.


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4 thoughts on “Photocopy stall counts last months in AIT

  1. oh no! photocopying will be a hassle when they leave.
    can’t the AIT do something like lower the rent?

    Posted by jonahbolanos | January 26, 2012, 08:52
  2. NO! If we lose Ate Rose how are we going to photocopy stuff from the Reserve Section with that 30min rule pa! Besides, Ate Rose is the nicest person to handle the stall.

    Posted by setteann | January 26, 2012, 16:26
  3. BCO is a university office. It is them who actually put the price for operating their business. I don’t think them leaving AIT would result to having no photocopying services at all. They’ll surely have a replacement.

    Posted by JC Danganan | February 1, 2012, 16:25
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    Posted by poster perth | June 9, 2012, 23:35

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