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Marching Late like a Boss

Lendl Meniado | Opinion

So you find out you’re not going to parade down the aisle up to the stage to get your so-long-awaited diploma this March. Big news, huh? Even bigger when you include your parents in the picture who seemed to have made “Gragraduate na din ang anak ko!” as their new mantra for 2012.

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You try to explain to yourself: How did this happen? That will surely help you justify the delay in meeting your diploma to your parents and that will prepare you to counterattack the usual initial assumption, “Madami ka bang bagsak?” You start by re-assuring yourself that you are smart, but there are just forces which attack and make you fall out of balance. Your orgs that demand a huge part of your “My Priorities” pie chart, your friends who make you unfaithful to your Must-Do List, you even blame the Internet for being simply awesome that you intentionally spend more time for it than your readings, or maybe, you just had to undergo a what-do-I-really-want-to-do searching in the middle of your college years that make you question your what you thought to be the brilliant career path circa idealistic years. Whatever your reasons, you’ll always arrive in the last A at the end of the DABDA stage ever so popular in the psych department, which is Acceptance.

Okay, maybe, the road to acceptance is not that smooth, but the news is, it can’t kill you. So skip the DABD-ing! Start doing something that will make sure you arrive at the finish line, be it on time or not. There’s a reason why you joined orgs and decided to devote your must-have-been-academic time in the name of charity and camaraderie instead.

They teach you to work with different kinds of people— the boss-like types who treat the rest of the members as their slaves, the workaholics who seem to major in Organization Management, the quality-obsessed kinds who undergo quality-control operation even in the tiniest details, the pessimists who doubt everything unless proven and seen with their own eyes, or the optimists who need to get a drum-full dose of reality. If you have not been so involved with your orgs, you would have never met these types of people that for sure you’ll deal with in your immediate future once you step out of school. Your dates with your friends that made you happy-guilty for cutting your classes? Well, you’ll probably remember more of those fun times with friends than the lessons you’ve “missed” in class. Stop letting academics monopolize your time and enjoy the present!

You have the right to be the drama princess if all your closest friends are going to wear their sablay and make their Mop and Pop proud as they march out to the real world while you prepare yourself to be ostracized in the cafeteria, if your hated people are waving their superiority badges just because they’ve hit the finish line before you, if your younger sibling declared a rivalry by over-taking you to get on stage to grab his/her diploma, if you feel too obsessive-compulsive about those extra spaces your excess college year will take up in your resume. If none of these apply, then remove the crown, you do not deserve the drama.

So here I say: it’s always better to look at the brighter side. It’s not the end of the world yet (hope you figure that out)! And you better not end it just because you’re staying for more semesters in school. Think of it as having an extended stay in your mother’s womb to give your brain and even your character more time to develop and to mature. So when you’re completely ready, you’ll come out to the real world like a boss.


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One thought on “Marching Late like a Boss

  1. Erm, excuse ,me. NAKAKARELATE AKO!
    I’ve undergone a what-do-I-really-want-to-do searching in the middle of your college years. Hello! 2 campuses and 3 courses. GIVE IT TO ME!

    Posted by setteann | January 24, 2012, 13:08

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