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START-AIT completes slate

Paolo Abellanosa | Inside AIT

Socio-political organization and KAISA affiliate Student Action for Responsive Leadership in Tourism (START-AIT) has finalized its slate on Monday in preparation for the March student body elections, START’s Secretary-General Quennie Lao said.

While the organization is yet to reveal the lineup on January 26, a source claimed that the party’s bet for the chairperson seat is someone who is already “expected” to run for the highest student post in AIT. This shortlisted the possible candidates to those who are currently part of the AITSC and members of START such as Vice-Chairperson Danie Seva, AIT Representative Shaina Santiago, START President Ceejay Boller, Councilor Erika Erro, and Councilor Carl Reyes.

Meanwhile, a former candidate of SMART (Students Motivated for Reform in Tourism) confirmed on Friday that the independent party would have no slate this year for the elections. Apparently, SMART is inactive for three years already. During the party’s last fight in 2009, only one of its candidates, Louela Tiangsing, was able to enter the council.

Nikki Nicolas, Salimbay writer and STAND-UP member, said the red party is still searching for an AIT candidate. On the other hand, no information on ALYANSA’s prospect tourism student candidate has surfaced as of press time.

For the longest time, the AITSC has been under the yellow leadership through START. Other KAISA affiliates include PALS-NCPAG of the public administration and LEAD-CHE of home economics.


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