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Who’s Behind the ‘Fun’?

Alethea Bravo | Industry

The long wait is over. The much awaited reinvention of our country’s tourism branding campaign has finally been revealed to the public just this morning. The powerful seven-word slogan – IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES – depicts what the Philippine tourism has to offer. “We need a line that is easily understood. Competitive. ‘More fun in the Philippines’ is true. Keri natin ito (Kaya natin ito),” Jimenez stated when asked about the new slogan. The slogan was also made into a logo, which is a colourful, pixelized banig, a local product that forms the map of our country, together with the slogan engrossed in different colors.

Aside from the main logo released earlier, it was also accompanied by other campaign ads that promote the Philippine tourism, as well as the “#1forfun” domestic tag for social media purposes (such as Twitter).

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The logo was preceded by the controversial “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” and by far perceivably the most successful tourism campaign the country has ever been made, “WOW Philippines.” Incidentally, the master of the ‘Fun’ is also the maker of the ‘Wow’.

Last December, BBDO Guerrero | Proximity Philippines was selected by the Department of Tourism (DOT) after successfully surpassing the other seven agencies on the bid for the country’s new tourism branding campaign. According to Sec. Jimenez, BBDO Guerrero was “able to capture and encapsulate [this] complex problem into a motivating and exciting campaign. . . . They were the exclamation point at the end of a long sentence.” Prior to the second bidding process held last year, BBDO Guerrero was the only agency qualified for the first bidding; however, they agreed for a cancellation to give way to the DOT to modify the terms of reference for the said bidding.

BBDO is a renowned advertising agency network in the world, founded in New York on 1891. BBDO Guerrero, based here in the Philippines, is one of its subsidiary companies found in 80 countries. It was established in 1998 and since then has been one of the major ad agencies that promise success on its advertisements. Its marketing arm, Proximity Philippines, is a sub-unit of Proximity Worldwide which specializes in digital form of advertisements. BBDO Proximity Philippines is currently headed by David Guerrero (Chairman and Chief Creative Officer)

The duo has already made a name in the advertising industry, considering the number of years it is existing. According to a source, BBDO Guerrero was the company behind Richard Gordon’s “WOW Philippines”. Recently, they bagged the Network of the Year, a globally-recognized award, and the country’s Agency of the Year and “Best in Creative” in the Advertising Congress 2011. They are behind the success of commercials such as Pepsi Pinas, Pizza Hut Philippines, and Bayan Telecommunication’s “Lola Techie” among others. These commercials would later win ad awards such as Asian Marketing Effectiveness Awards Gold (for Childhope) and Bronze (for Pizza Hut).

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