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The Job Place Review (2 of 2)

For the second part of The Job Place Review, Salimbay reveals comments on Amadeus (another opinion), Delta, Ilocos Norte, and Amanpulo. Unfortunately, no review from the travel agency sector could be issued as of press time.See first part

Amadeus (GDS)

Respondent: Cheska Llamas


Being one of the leading GDSs around the globe, Amadeus will be a good venue for your OJT if you want to own or work for travel management companies; or for GDSs, themselves. During our internship, they trained us to use the Amadeus system (training is certified and recognized internationally). This is a huge advantage if you plan to work for companies using the Amadeus system, here and abroad.


If you’re not comfortable being confined within the typical “four-cornered” office, Amadeus is not the place for you. Expect clerical work (i.e. photocopying). And be prepared to wake up early and come home late. The Amadeus office is located at Makati.

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Delta (Airline)

Respondent: Jerome Reluya


Parang ang prestigious kung sa airline ka nag-OJT. This is an advantage kung love ang makakita ng iba’t ibang tao na kaya mong pagsilbihan. Sa airline rin para sa akin maraming matututunan, lalo na ang pakikisama at kung paano makaka-earn ng tip for a night duty. Experience wise, you would know the feeling how to be a true employee kahit na you are a practicum trainee.


Siguro applicable ‘to sa sweldo, dahil una sa lahat walang sweldo o miske pampalubag loob man lang sa pagiging trainee, swerte mo na lang kung makakuha ka ng tip sa time na nakaduty ka. Another thing is walang consideration na you are only a trainee kapag you’ve done something that hindi na meet sa standards nila, they will not tell it to you personally  but you will feel it internally. Higit sa lahat parang trainees na ang karamihang empleyado sa airline, especially sa airport ground svc [service] ka nakapwesto. Worst thing is mamura ka o masabon ka ng passenger na kahit hindi mo kasalanan ang nangyari eh say o pa rin binubunton ang galit nila dahil ikaw ang nakikita, marami rin kasing tatamad-tamad na co-trainees at some employees na rin sa airport.

See Germi Estiva’s review on Qantas


Ilocos Norte (Local Government)

Respondent: Keesha Buted


Good points: knowledge sharing (opinions and ideas from AIT students are needed), application in different fields (events management, tour group management), lots of field work ([you] get to see a lot of places which are for government eyes only)


Not so good points: practicum program still very premature ([I] recommend more coordination between [the] organizers and [the] practicum venue), they do not exactly now yet where students can be assigned to, no clear set of tasks established.

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Amanpulo (Resort)

Respondent: Dino Yuzon


If you want to have your OJT in a resort or a hotel, for me, Amanpulo is the best place where you can have it. In Amanpulo, they treat OJTs as part of the working force and they give them jobs that a regular employee in Amanpulo would do. I was able to work in two departments during my stay, the F and B and the guest assistant department. The best advantage is there training. In my opinion, they give the best training among the other hotels and resorts that are offering an OJT program. They let you deal with the guests on your first day and mind you, these aren’t ordinary guests, these guests are among the richest of the rich — VIP. It is in this resort that I’ve learned to keep in mind that the guest (customer) is always right, no matter what. As a guest assistant, I get to drive club cars. I loved that I got to drive club cars because I got to go sneaky sneaky around the whole Island. I’ve learned so many things from this resort that if I’d share all, it would be like making a practicum report that I even haven’t started writing yet.

Well, for the perks, everyone would say this, “you’ll receive the best training and experience for your ojt”, but trust me, YOU WILL INDEED RECEIVE THE BEST TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR OJT

My stay in Amanpulo was very memorable because of how friendly the employees were to me. Everyone in this resort is just so friendly that they would give you a smile every time you get to bump to each other. You get to experience their culture and you get to practice your communication skills for you would be so lonely if you wouldn’t mingle with the other employees. Employees also get to hang out at the beach. We get to have an area for ourselves. The beach for me, is the best in the Philippines, blinding white and as fine as powder. Giving service and meeting VIP guests made the job fun because they were all friendly and humble, I even get to chat with them occasionally. YOU CAN EARN HERE! Just to give you an idea, my largest tip from a guest was P1000. The best experience for me was when I got to meet a Victoria secret model. Well, I can’t name her because all of the guests of Amanpulo is strictly confidential.


Disadvantages? None really for me, because I wanted to experience being away and isolated from the city life. If you easily get home sick, I advise you not to take your OJT here because you only stay in the island. Bad experiences? The bosses may be sometimes too harsh even to OJTs, but I think it is just right because the reputation of the resort and the experience of the guests are in your hands even as an OJT.

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PICC (Events)

Respondent: JC Cueto


PICC is the first events place ever built in the Philippines that can give you quality knowledge and experience. Most of the staff here came from UP AIT. In PICC you can manage your practicum schedule whether you start in the reservations, marketing or events management. Every client are dealt with great respect. And every events are handled with great care.


It is not for practicumers who can’t walk long distances with heels on or with leather shoes because one will need to always roam around the 3 buildings of PICC with a total of more than 70,000 sq. meters. PICC has a slow process in accepting practicumers. Maybe you’ll start around 3rd week of April. One must have a pleasing personality and good communication skills because one will not just work with a few staff but with several departments of PICC.


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2 thoughts on “The Job Place Review (2 of 2)

  1. Can i ask you a question? Paano ka po nag apply sa Aman Pulo? Please reply asap. Thank you 🙂

    Posted by Princess Hannah | December 17, 2012, 10:39
    • Hi Princess Hannah. The OJT in Aman Pulo was an option offered by our college, the UPD Asian Institute of Tourism, through our alumni currently stationed in Aman Pulo. If you have any further questions, we would be glad to provide information and assistance.:)

      Posted by aitsalimbay | December 23, 2012, 09:30

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