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Salimbay 2012 Resolutions

“My resolution is to eat less carbs, read more books and fall in love. :P” – Jake Crisologo

Change is something we can’t force a person to do. Author Leo Buscaglia said change should be the “result of all true learning”. While having a list of resolution can be just a waste of time, change is, at the same time, inevitable. The ending of every year is the constant reminder that people should start anew with their respective lives. The changing of the year is the changing of oneself or one’s habit.

This year’s events in our lives have always something to do with what we want to achieve in the future. If some things turn out to be alright, we always want to keep up with that. But if anything turns out to be disastrous, we always want to become better. That is why, for some reason, resolution exists.  It’s a necessity that’s why it has to exist. Resolution is not just an ordinary goal or habit that we want to commit ourselves with. It should be realistic and achievable, for the purpose of attaining self-improvement.

Before Salimbay says goodbye to 2011 and welcome the year 2012 (which coincidentally marks the end of the Long-count Mayan calendar – 13th Baktun), here are our writer’s New Year’s resolutions:

“To love myself more, have more patience and be more positive.” – Bencio David

“I’ll TRY to stop procrastinating. Hahaha” – Danica Aninao

“I don’t keep a list of New Year’s Resolution. Haha. Jinx kasi. OKAY. For the sake of Salimbay. 1. Commit to constant improvement. 2. To gain perspective. 3. Read more. Yay. Feeling deep person ako.” – Lendl Meniado

“1) jog 3 times a week, 2) strive not to be late in class, 3) do one good deed everyday” – Mae Valdez

“To make haste slowly, gain some weight and be loved unconditionally. <3” – Alethea Bravo

“1. Be braver in taking on new adventures, 2. Be more appreciative of immaterial things, 3. Be on or ahead of schedules/deadlines” – Rachel Tabilin

12 THINGS TO START BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS. Photo courtesy of Charm Dalisay

“Follow my schedule. ‘Pag sinabing ‘wag matulog, ‘wag matulog! Haha.” – Michelle Manalac

“‘Wag nang matakot iwanan ang mga lumang bagay upang makapag-umpisa ng bagong buhay. Umakyat ng bundok.” – Erika Erro

“Same as 2009 and 2010: TUMABA!” *suddenly changed his mind* “… 1. Mas maging strikto sa deadlines. 2. Mas maging makatao. 3. Magmahal nang walang hinihintay na kapalit.” – Paolo Abellanosa


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