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Passerby escapes ‘non-professional’ holdup attempt

A passerby is appealing to authorities to extend street lighting and install security personnel near the AIT footbridge after escaping a holdup attempt in the area last Thursday, December 8.

On her way to Philcoa from the Philippine Social Science Center (PSSC) at around nine in the evening, she claimed that an armed man declared holdup as she was passing by the area near the footbridge.

“I saw a guy in a black sweater with very short hair, somewhat tall. I’m 5’2″ and he looked a few inches taller. He looked like a decent sort, like some college student or someone in his 20s, but he was holding a knife and said ‘hold-up ito’,” she said, asking not to be named but disclosed her occupation as a researcher.

“Fortunately, I was still around two meters away from him and I had the presence of mind to scream as loudly as I could and immediately run into the street while continuing to scream.”

A PSSC security guard whom she sought for help informed his companion of the event. When the guard came to the area, he didn’t find the suspect.

She speculated that the robber was not a “professional” because he didn’t “get close and then grabbed …and put the knife to [her] neck”. In addition, she noted a car parked at the sidewalk during the scene.

“I just assumed it’s a getaway vehicle because it was parked near the hold-upper and the sidewalk is not a parking space.”

Talking about whether to report the incident to the police, “I don’t intend to report this to the police as I have had a robbery done to me some years ago (this time in University Avenue) and it was no use, just a lot of time spent.”

Professor Paolo Fresnoza said in a message last Friday that he had already informed Dean Miguela Mena and other departments of the incident.

Meanwhile, the passerby commented on Friday’s development, “I noticed the lights at AIT and the guard near the steps on Friday night so I was happy action was taken and the incident may not recur.”


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One thought on “Passerby escapes ‘non-professional’ holdup attempt

  1. It’s really scary to pass by the AIT footbridge as well as the sideline going to Technohub. Although the institute, I believe does not permit students or classes in general to last until 6.30. It is still inevitable to go through the same way. I believe authorities should do something about the general security of the area.

    Posted by setteann | December 12, 2011, 13:33

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