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Another TMS member to represent UP abroad

Photo courtesy of Lara Bartolome

3rd year Lara Muriel Bartolome is the fourth UP TMS member to go abroad for academic-related purposes this year. But unlike her predecessors who were exchange students in East Asia, she will serve as the international intern in the Memphis in May International Festival (MIMIF) 2012 in Tennessee, USA.

MIMIF is a whole month celebration where the organizers choose one country to salute or dedicate. After 36 years, the Philippines was chosen to be 2012’s MIMIF nation. See MIMIF website

The organizers also select an international intern from the country to assist in events preparation. Bartolome was screened from a list of interviewees whose session was held at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

Randy Blevins, Vice President of Programming who led the interview, said in his notification of Bartolome’s acceptance, “I both found your ambition impressive, and I think you will be an asset to the 2012 festival.”

Photo courtesy of

Aside from Bartolome, three TMS members have gone abroad for exchange programs.Marjorie Quiaoit flew last semester for Japan while Rielle Alcantara and Marian Magsino are exchanges in South Korea.

Magsino returned in August after fulfilling a 5-month program while Alcantara is set to come back in December this year.

In addition, Jhona Bajar, Charm Cadeliña, and Stephen Manuel are accepted for the exchange program in South Korea, making the total number of TMS to seven.


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2 thoughts on “Another TMS member to represent UP abroad

  1. Go, TMSers! just fly and go back. haha, gamitin ang mga karanasan para sa sariling bayan.

    Posted by MichelleClaudine | December 8, 2011, 21:25
  2. Congratulations! Represent! 🙂

    Posted by Rolyn | December 9, 2011, 14:25

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