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The Art of Gift-giving

Lendl Meniado

With the holidays coming to town, people are starting to list down the names of their not-so-naughty friends who deserve to be gifted with specially wrapped boxes. At least, in case they aren’t on the bearded man’s list, you are there to save their Christmas socks from being empty this year.

Giving gifts to your friends does not only show how thoughtful you are. It’s also a test of how well you know them.No one would want to give something that doesn’t suit the personality of his or her friend, and that’s why most often than not, gift-giving requires character analysis and a little research. It’s definitely worth it if you receive an equally well-thought-of present from your friends, right? Haha! Kidding! But seriously, a genuine smile in return which could differentiate a good gift from a great one would do.

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So how should one pick a gift for a friend?

First, determine his or her interest. It is always best to consider reviewing your friend’s old school autograph page as a reference for his or her likes and dislikes. Or maybe you won’t need to unearth those Paleolithic artifacts that would only remind you of your I-thought-I-was-so-cool stage as you probably already know your friend by heart. Anyhow, it is not just giving what they wish for that matters but it is also important that your choice of gift is appropriate for your friend. You know that a particular item is “the one” for your friend when you go to Christmas bazaars and it automatically registers with the personality of your friend.

But what if your friend already has everything? Then, it’s time for your creativity to shine through. The classic personalized presents still do work. No matter how I-want-an-iPad/iPod/android/whatever-machine-available-in-the-market people are evolving into, a painstakingly and wholeheartedly crafted gift will be more appreciated. Use your imagination and resourcefulness to create a gift you think would represent your friend best!

You better not pout. I know the gift-giving season can seriously damage your pocket and your saving scheme so you better make a comprehensive plan on how you can avoid that, or lessen the undesirable impact, at the least. Before hitting all those shops and bazaars, ask yourself: How much are you willing and able to spend? Strike a balance between strictly committing to your budget while never compromising the preciousness of the gifts you’re picking for your friends!

And a cliché it may be, giving gifts is not about the amount you can shell out for that person. What matters is that your gift comes from the heart!

Christmas Bazaars 2011

December 2-3
Organized by:
U&Ur Events Management Specialists

A Day of Treats:’s 10th Anniversary Fair
Eastwood Central Plaza, E. Rodriguez, Jr. Avenue (C5), Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City
November 30, 2011

You can access the complete list of Christmas Bazaars 2011 through this link


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