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Hernando is new AITSC councilor

177 of 325 students exercise right

With approximately 65 percent of turnout leaning on his favor, Kenneth Hernando was declared 5:45 this afternoon as the newest councilor to complete the AIT student government.

Hernando, who garnered 114 votes, beat Irish Lara Lubi, 61, for the seat of the Mass Media Councilor. Two abstained in the election participated by 177 students out of the approximate 325 qualified voters.

Photo courtesy of Kenneth Hernando.

The October reshuffling and non-qualification of former Councilor Alyanna Cagandahan to continue her service emptied the slot occupied by Erika Erro during the first semester. Erro is now ways and means councilor.

AIT problems

Hernando said that aside from promotional tasks he also wants to unite AIT students with the student council and invite them to participate more in SC endeavors.

“There are reports na hindi daw masyado approachable ang sc [which claim that the AITSC is not approachable for some] at may iba din na wala gaano tiwala sa ibang nakaupo dun [and some students say they are not confident and trustful with particular officers in the council].”

He also commented that students who are non-affiliated with any of the four student organizations in AIT are casted away and uninvolved in events in the college. Hernando is not affiliated with any AIT-based organization but is a member of the UP Engineering Radio Guild and UP Jzone.

Only a 54 percent turnout

Hernando’s message came amid issues on AIT student participation such as the very few volunteers of the Lantern Parade float production and the low voter turnout on Friday’s snap election.

Secretariat Councilor Keesha Buted said there are 325 qualified voters based from the student information system of the AITSC. A number of council officers said this number could change with the enrollment yet to conclude.

The current turnout is only 54 percent of the total registrants. Last year during general elections, there was an almost 65 percent turnout in AIT, said Buted.

“We hoped for a higher voter’s population but we understand that some students don’t have classes in AIT today [Friday],” said AITSC special elections head Danie Seva through an SMS message.

Despite this, Buted said, “Nahikayat naman namin ang lahat ng mga nasa AIT kanina para bumoto [We convinced everyone in AIT during the day to vote].” The secretariat councilor added that the turnout is already a “good number”.

“We encourage everyone to be more participative especially in these kinds of endeavor,”Seva called.

First order of business

Hernando’s plans of action include funds for the restrooms, photography competition, transparency of student funds, and assistance to organizations in events promotion.

He said his first order of business next week would be to focus on AIT’s bid in the Lantern Parade and arrangement of the Christmas Party. He would also be helping in the council’s upcoming activities particularly the AIT CORE and the Serious Talk Series.

Hernando shifted from an engineering course last year.


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One thought on “Hernando is new AITSC councilor

  1. I believe the 54% turnout is good enough. Almost everyone in the institute during those hours really took time to vote and that’s a good thing. 🙂

    Congratulations to our new AITSC Councilor!

    Posted by setteann | November 18, 2011, 15:37

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