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AITSC reshuffles councilors

IT'S NOT A LOVE STORY. Irish Lara Lubi and Kenneth Hernando are in competition for the seat of Mass Media Councilor. Election is set Nov 18, Friday.

In a move claimed to make the AITSC more efficient, the Institute’s student government has opted to reassign councilors to different posts on mid-October.

“For the purpose of matching a councilor’s skills vis-a-vis organizational needs, the AITSC entered into a decision to reshuffle councilor positions and streamline its assignments in order to carry out its tasks more effectively,” said Chairman JC Danganan.

The new councilor assignments are Sarah Gemanil (Ways and Means) for Finance, Erika Erro (Mass Media) for Ways and Means, and Keesha Buted (Finance) for Secretariat. Meanwhile, Carl Reyes (Education and Research) has maintained his post.

The Mass Media is currently vacated due to Cagandahan’s non-qualification to continue her service. She failed to enroll in the first semester of the school year because of personal reasons.

Danganan said that a number of councilors manifested they could perform better if assigned to a different slot.

“It poses a challenge (referring to transfer of tasks), but given the dynamics of the present council it actually may be easier than it seems. We are at a transition stage and so far, it’s going pretty well,” said Buted.

The election for Cagandahan’s seat is set November 18, Friday. Nominees are Irish Lara Lubi and Kenneth Hernando, both fourth year standing.


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