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Captions, Danica Aninao

Stranded by Choice

Entries in this photo collection were by Danica Joselle Aninao

Aninao captures the moments when AIT students were stranded by choice at Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte.

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RIVER CRUISE FEVER. Two friends enjoy the one hour Liboran River cruise dining experience.

BUDDY SYSTEM. At the center of the small Dapitan City poblacion is Jose Rizal's relief map of Mindanao. Assisted by his Ateneo teacher in making the project, Rizal wanted the map to help his pupils in their geography.

WAITING FOR ITS OWNER. The replica represents one of nipa huts Rizal built within his parcel of land in Dapitan.

STRANDED. Aliguay Beach has white powdery sand as compared with the gray shoreline of the Dapitan poblacion.

CAST AWAY. A young tourist faces the outline of Zamboanga del Norte from Aliguay Beach.

CHANGING THE LANDSCAPE. Human-instigated development is already evident in areas surrounding the Dakak Beach Resort.

MOUNTAINS KISSING. One of the few sights from the yacht trip to Aliguay Beach.

OUT OF PLACE. The distant island offers a camping ground facing its white shoreline.

Aninao is currently a third year student of UP AIT. She is a member of UP Optics and UP Tourism Management Society.


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2 thoughts on “Stranded by Choice

  1. Great shots! The 2nd to the last photo is divine.

    I want to go back! I was just from PTM and the Fantasyland-Dakak package rates in promo were considerably higher than ours. Hoorah for the perks of being an AIT student! Haha!

    Posted by navergara | September 3, 2011, 15:52
  2. ang ganda:) haha, KUDOS!

    Posted by Michelle | September 8, 2011, 07:03

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