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Ecotour Celebrates 15 Years of Being One with the Wild

Rachel Tabilin

UP Club for the Environment and Tourism commonly known as UP Club Ecotour is celebrating its 15th anniversary with the theme One with the Wild.

Photo courtesy of UP Club Ecotour

Headed by Jomaricris De Luna and Angela Maravilla, this week-long event features a series of activities aiming to promote environmental awareness, bring fun and knowledge to everyone, and recognize the continuous support of various groups and individuals, including the AIT, to the organization.

Last Tuesday, August 23, the organization has launched the Ecotour Gallery, an exhibit in the AIT Student Lounge which showcases the organization’s members and its various projects and events in the past. This also started off the other activities lined up for this week-long celebration, which are as follows:

  • August 24            Green Shirt Day – a symposium aiming to promote awareness on environmental protection and preservation.
  • August 25            Interactive Booth day – a “man vs. wild” activity that aims to enrich student’s general knowledge about the wild by challenging their capabilities.
  • August 26            Grand PakaEn – a lunch treat to all UP students, faculty, staff & other individuals

All these events will take place in the AIT Student Lounge.

Founded by Percivil Carrera in August 1996, UP Club Ecotour commits itself in integrating the concept of environmental protection with tourism and has since then dedicated itself to projects and activities in fulfillment of its mission.


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2 thoughts on “Ecotour Celebrates 15 Years of Being One with the Wild

  1. Thank you, Salimbay!

    Posted by Jean Gaddi | August 27, 2011, 03:08

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