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WOO is Ramon Jimenez?

By Alethea Bravo

After the surprising resignation of Alberto Lim as Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary, a lot of speculation had been arising as to who will be appointed to succeed him when he officially vacates the position on August 31. One of the more prominent names circling the news belongs to a certain Ramon Jimenez Jr., an advertising exec who was part of PNoy’s presidential campaign in the 2010 elections.

FACEBOOK. Is this Ramon R. Jimenez, Jr? A quick search at Facebook will reveal a profile page of the same name.

He studied at the University of the Philippines, taking up Industrial Design at the College of Fine Arts. After graduation, he worked in several marketing and advertising companies, establishing his credibility as an expert in this chosen field.

He was employed at Ace Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising in 1976, during which time he became the Vice President and Executive Creative Director.

In 1989, he left the company to establish his own, the Jimenez & Partners (now known as Publicis JimenezBasic Advertising), together with his wife Abby. He held the position of Executive Chairman.

In December 2008, they decided to sell the company to launch a firm specializing in media and marketing consultancy. They named it Winning Over Obstacles (WOO) Consultants, Inc. Jimenez is currently the Joint Chief Executive Officer and Senior Consultant.

He comes from the Jimenez family which is a notable name in the country. His father, Ramon Sr., is an esteemed lawyer and a former dean of the UP School of Labor and Industrial Relations. His daughter, Sassa Jimenez, is one of the youngest fashion designers whose projects have been part of Philippine Fashion Week.


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