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Alberto Lim Resigns

August 12–Alberto Lim formally resigned as tourism secretary, effective August 31, after waves of criticism, the most recent of which from the Management Association of the Philippines in mid-July.

NO MORE MR TALL GUY. A day after opening the MICE Conference in Cebu, Secretary Lim announced his resignation, citing "personal reason". Photo courtesy of

“My reason for resigning is personal. I would like to spend more time with my family. My responsibilities require a great deal of travel and time away from my loved ones,” said his statement issued at the Philippine government website.

Lim held the office since June 2010.

The news came as a shock amidst support from various tourism organizations such as the Philippine Travel Agencies Association.

In a separate statement, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda praised Lim for his major achievements for the industry.

“Mr. Lim was the chief advocate of the Pocket Open Skies Policy, the landmark breakthrough from the protectionist policies of the past.”

“All these are remarkable achievements. He has been a conscientious and highly dedicated member of the President’s official family. He has put in place enduring policy foundations for tourism’s growth in fulfillment of the President’s vision; and he has done so with tenacity, integrity, and vigor.”

Malacanang is yet to announce Lim’s replacement.


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