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En Route To Travel Formula

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Before you dive into the dreadful hell week, why don’t you take a breather first? A change of scenery could be what you need to muster enough vitality for the days ahead. But certainly, you don’t just hop onto a bus or a plane after you have decided that taking a vacation is a nice idea. Whether you are the kind of person who plans everything or the one who doesn’t plan at all, you need a little preparation for your grand bakasyon.

What to do?

Google Your Destination. Research, research, and research some more. Exploring online information with regards to your destination of choice shouldn’t be that painful, thanks to Google. From your thorough browse, you can draw a lot of conclusions. You can formulate your list of things-to-bring based on the attractions you’ve found out about and how you’ll be able to protect your health while you’re on the trip. After all, googling your destination would help your imagination create more vividly the sceneries awaiting you on your trip.

Know more about the place. Though Google could feed your brain with tons of information about your destination, to obtain firsthand information still creates an undeniable difference. Enrich your vacation experience by asking the locals some questions- this way, you learn while you create rapport.

NEVER NEVER LAND. Gloria de Dapitan’s Fantasyland gate promises an adventure like no other. Photo courtesy of Mark Anthony Maranga

Be Eco-Friendly. Always keep in mind that the planet is not your own personal trash can where you can just scatter waste wherever it pleases you. Be eco-friendly anywhere and everywhere.

Have enough sleep. Who wants to carry extra baggages under their eyes? Certainly, you don’t- especially when you’re going to have that relentless picture-taking session just about every five minutes in every corner of the sights. No. No. No. No zombie look-alike begging for sleep is allowed during those times, so get enough sleep the night before your trip to keep you energized.

What to Bring?

Does your body become a United Sweat Nation when you pack for a trip? Packing can be a tedious task if you’re the bring-the-whole-closet type of person and you can’t decide what not to bring. Fret not. Ask yourself thrice or until to the extent that you’re already tired of asking, “Do I really need to bring this?” You’ll absolutely get the answer. In order to avoid the hassles of carrying large maletas, bring the MINI version of your shampoo, lotion, liquid soap, etc., and opt for smaller containers to save space. Or better yet, don’t bring your toiletries at all. For sure, your friends would so you can just mooch away from them. Haha. ‘What are friends for?’ still applies, right?

Ever heard of the Roll Technique? That actually works! Somehow, it seems that bags will hold more if the clothes are rolled rather than folded. But be careful- roll your clothes carefully as they might get all wrinkly.

Of course, what has now become an apparent trend is that a crucial point of going to someplace is to be able to capture the moment while you’re there. Having your photos uploaded to your social networking sites provides your whole experience a visual aid. Some say cameras, iPods, and video cams are good companions during a trip, but don’t forget the fact that it would always be far more satisfying and fun if you’ll forget all about these gadgets and try to bond with non-machine creatures- your friends.

Don’t forget to pack the most important thing for your super bakasyon–your Best Mood. Remember, don’t go on a vacation if you’re planning to just curl-up in one corner of your hotel room. It will not just ruin your trip’s itinerary, but also spoil the excitement of your friends by making them worry about you.

What to Wear?

Given that the weather will forever have some sort of mood disorder, your wardrobe is also in deep confusion. ‘What to wear’ would be the biggest question. Will you go for a long sleeves or a tank top? Shorts or pants? Whatever the weather may be, dress appropriately. That’s one of the reasons why you need to research about the destination- so you’ll know what to pull out from your closet. To be safe, wear your most comfortable shoes and light clothes as travelling involves a lot of walking.


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